Water Only Hair Washing- Using Commercial Products

Using Commercial Hair Products While On The WOHW Method (Water Only Hair Washing)

18 months without any commercial products!

18 months without any commercial products!

So, I get asked on a frequent basis, whether commercial products can be used while on the Water Only Hair Washing Regimen? The short answer to this is “YES” you can absolutely use commercial products within reason. As you know I absolutely do not use commercial products of any kind (pre-mixed hair products are what I mean by commercial products). I prefer using plant and food base products on my hair. When I decided to forego commercial products in favor of products I can eat, and grow myself (I know what’s in them). Choosing the water only hair washing method is meant to make your hair life easier and cost-effective. Simplicity is the key. Hair shouldn’t be difficult to manage and definitely shouldn’t cost a ton of money. Most commercial hair products have so many ingredients in them you don’t know which product is doing what for your hair. However, although plant base, food base products are my choice, I am not suggesting

Preening and Rinsing

So, what’s preening? Preening is the act of distributing your natural oils throughout your entire head of hair, focusing on the ends ( The ends are the oldest parts of the hair, make sure to give it more attention). Start by massaging your scalp to transfer some of your sebum to the pads of your fingers. Once you have sebum on your fingers; you’re going to begin to smooth your fingers down the length of your hair (smoothing, rubbing), Do this until you feel there is no more sebum to spread throughout.This process should be done daily, (day or night, doesn’t matter) depending on how much sebum you produce. If you tend to produce a lot of sebum, you should take time to preen daily, if not you may be able to skip a day or two (remember, everyone is different, so customize this to fit). Can I Preen On Dry And Wet Hair? Absolutely! No one has the identical head of hair, so it will depend on the texture of hair you have (having said that, there will be modified differences). If your hair is cottony in texture like mine; preening on dry to damp hair might be a