My Hair Story

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My Hair Story

So I’ve been natural for almost five years, throughout that time I’ve had ups and downs with my hair. I transitioned for about eight months before I decided to do the big chop! Through research I learned about products and styling techniques; for the first year I primarily wore my hair in two strand twist, and twist outs which I really loved…But as with anything new I tried one product after the next to get that perfect hair style that perfect product… I wanted my hair to be curly, and it was, so long as my head was under the shower spray. It took me some time to adjust to the fact that my hair wash cottony in the feel and look once my hair dried.

Once I accepted that my hair was more cottony verses silky smooth, I fell in absolute love with my hair, and all of its traits, as long as I was within the walls of my own home. Now don’t misunderstand me, I loved my hair but felt uncomfortable wearing it in public, because of the constant stairs, pointing, and if you can believe it chuckling! Although I loved my hair I still remained uncomfortable wearing my hair out in public when it was frizzy or big. Two strand twist were fine, but if my hair became frizzy I did everything in my power to “fix it,” as if there was something to fix.

It literally took a full year to become completely comfortable with all the characteristics of my hair. the following years my main styles were two strand twist and wash and go’s. I had been leaving just a little conditioner in my hair and letting it dry naturally without manipulation, before I knew there was an actual name for it. At some point I discovered the tightly curly method and decided that it sounded like something I wanted to try. Well that was a complete disaster for my hair, I had terrible breakage as a result of using conditioners that had silicone in them “my natural hair absolutely hated silicones!”

My next hair experiment was the curly girl method, with this method came success and a new understanding of what my hair could do, simply put, I had fallen in love with my hair for the second time. However as with anything new there is a trial and error period in which you have to get to know your hair again, along with the products it likes. I thought the curly girl method would be the “holy grail” of hair methods for me, but there were draw backs to this method; such as pricey products, company unreliability in keeping the ingredients consistent etc, and finally the time it took to do my hair. I’ve seen other curly girls take any where between 30-60 mins to detangle and apply product to their hair. For me if i applied conditioner and gel it took me about 1 hr 30 mins to detangle and about 1-2 hrs. to apply the product to my hair, with that said I was able to get five to seven-day hair. Though I had found the perfect routine for my hair, I still grew frustrated at the amount of time I spent in the bathroom grooming my hair…


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