Massaging and Scritching

How To Properly Massage Your Scalp

Hey Guys! So I get asked often how to properly massage and scritch the scalp. First lets start with why massaging is very important to the wohw method. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis is a vital step in helping/encouraging new sebum production. Massaging stimulates your sebaceous glands by increasing the blood circulation in your scalp, therefore encouraging new sebum production. This is just one part of a total hair care regime to keeping your hair and scalp in good shape. Some of us have very sensitive scalps and can not massage for a long length of time without creating a sore scalp, (so be careful not to overdo it) I would suggest five minutes a day, no longer (if you have a sensitive scalp). I personally no longer time my massaging sessions. I massage until I’m satisfied. So try anywhere between 5-10 mins of massaging daily. Be gentle with your scalp, there is no need to massage with a lot of force.

Massaging is best done on loose hair, but isn’t necessary. It can be done if you have braids, or twist etc. However, all pins, decorative combs of any kind must be removed prior to massaging the scalp to avoid breaking your hair unnecessarily. It’s  important that your scalp is somewhat visible and the hair not be tightly bound if you’re wearing a protective style that includes braids or twist. The pads of your fingers need to be able to reach your scalp comfortably without force (rooted area of the hair should be somewhat loose).

So let’s get started. First you’re going to divide your head into four to eight quadrants (this is done mentally not physically). How you section/divide your head is totally up to you. Use the pads of your fingers, never, never, never your nails. Start in the front or the back; pick which ever section you want. Position your hands as if you’re attempting to interlock your fingers, place only the pads of your fingers (using both hands) on your scalp. Once you’ve made contact with your scalp, begin to create a circular motion using both hands, applying firm, not hard pressure,to every section of scalp (never attempt to massage on top of the hair) only using the pads of each finger. Use your actual arms to move the pads of your fingers in this circular motion. Your scalp should actually move while you’re massaging, the pads of the fingers should slightly interlock at the tips as well. Repeat this over the entire head, as often as you like (once a day is quite enough though). Everyone is different, so ‘please’ use your own judgement


Are You Properly Scritching Your Scalp?

Scalp scritching is a very quick process, should take no longer than a few minutes. The same way you divide your scalp into quadrants when massaging is the same way you can divide it when scritching. Although it isn’t necessary to divide the scalp up this way to scritch, it does make it easier and more orderly. When you’re scritching you will be using your fingernails, not the pads of your fingers. Make sure your finger nails are clean before you begin. Remember you are not scratching your scalp (the intent is different), because the intent is different, so will the feel of scritching be as well.

The purpose of scritching is to remove any settled sebum and debris from your scalp, so your pores will not become clogged with dried sebum and debris. Apply slightly firm pressure on the scalp and begin to scritch/scratch the scalp, working your way around the head. As I’ve said, this is generally a very quick process, and should be done daily when you first start this method. Once you have Total Sebum Coverage you can skip days where you scritch, and massage; it’s totally up to you. Remember to use your own judgement and listen to your hair and scalp. This is a guideline that I believe is important to follow (especially in the beginning). However, if your hair and scalp tells you to do less, or more of something, please listen to it…Everyone is different!


  1. I massage my hair when wet and I seem to be loosing a bit of it through what I believe to be breakage….help! What do I do? My hair does feel softer and better after 2 weeks of just using water but I don’t want to loose so much hair.

  2. When I massage my scalp my shoulders and arms ache! Loool I also have a problem with myleft shoulder, whole arm to fingertips are c Stanley numb and tinglung; more when arm is raised. Despite MRI scans, etc itt is a mystery to the cause (I believe e is a type of paraesthisis). They offered medication but i refused to take meds for an unduagnosed condition!!!
    Anyeay I am investing in an electric scalp massager which is a vibrating scalp brush with medium sized plastic bristles. I used it before and it feels so good but it broke. Is this okay to use as part of WOW to increase blood flow to get sebum?

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