Preening and Rinsing

So, what’s preening? Preening is the act of distributing your natural oils throughout your entire head of hair, focusing on the ends ( The ends are the oldest parts of the hair, make sure to give it more attention). Start by massaging your scalp to transfer some of your sebum to the pads of your fingers. Once you have sebum on your fingers; you’re going to begin to smooth your fingers down the length of your hair (smoothing, rubbing), Do this until you feel there is no more sebum to spread throughout.This process should be done daily, (day or night, doesn’t matter) depending on how much sebum you produce. If you tend to produce a lot of sebum, you should take time to preen daily, if not you may be able to skip a day or two (remember, everyone is different, so customize this to fit). Can I Preen On Dry And Wet Hair? Absolutely! No one has the identical head of hair, so it will depend on the texture of hair you have (having said that, there will be modified differences). If your hair is cottony in texture like mine; preening on dry to damp hair might be a

Massaging and Scritching

How To Properly Massage Your Scalp Hey Guys! So I get asked often how to properly massage and scritch the scalp. First lets start with why massaging is very important to the wohw method. Massaging your scalp on a daily basis is a vital step in helping/encouraging new sebum production. Massaging stimulates your sebaceous glands by increasing the blood circulation in your scalp, therefore encouraging new sebum production. This is just one part of a total hair care regime to keeping your hair and scalp in good shape. Some of us have very sensitive scalps and can not massage for a long length of time without creating a sore scalp, (so be careful not to overdo it) I would suggest five minutes a day, no longer (if you have a sensitive scalp). I personally no longer time my massaging sessions. I massage until I’m satisfied. So try anywhere between 5-10 mins of massaging daily. Be gentle with your scalp, there is no need to massage with a lot of force. Massaging is best done on loose hair, but isn’t necessary. It can be done if you have braids, or twist etc. However, all pins, decorative combs of any kind must

15 Months Of Water Only Hair Washing (WOHW)!

Hey guys! For those of you who follow me on my YouTube channel, I know it has been a while since I’ve made a video. My eldest son has been ill, so as you can imagine my attention needed to be with him. Now that he’s on the mend; I’m feeling more like myself; hence my post. 😉   15 Months Of Water Only Washing, The Good & The Bad…   PROS   So lets jump right in….for the last 15 months I’ve been on the Water Only Hair Washing Regimen. Many of you have asked about the pros & cons of this method? But before I start, I’d like to clarify for those of you who may be new to this topic; when I say I’ve been washing my hair with water only, this is true, with the exception of washing my hair with natural product whipped up in my kitchen, to remove excess sebum and debris from my hair and scalp (this is done, about every 7 weeks), this I also consider a pro,  (Very minimal products are needed). I’ll start with all the good stuff first! The fact that I NEVER, EVER have to worry