15 Months Of Water Only Hair Washing (WOHW)!

Hey guys!

For those of you who follow me on my YouTube channel, I know it has been a while since I’ve made a video. My eldest son has been ill, so as you can imagine my attention needed to be with him. Now that he’s on the mend; I’m feeling more like myself; hence my post. 😉


15 Months Of Water Only Washing, The Good & The Bad…




So lets jump right in….for the last 15 months I’ve been on the Water Only Hair Washing Regimen. Many of you have asked about the pros & cons of this method? But before I start, I’d like to clarify for those of you who may be new to this topic; when I say I’ve been washing my hair with water only, this is true, with the exception of washing my hair with natural product whipped up in my kitchen, to remove excess sebum and debris from my hair and scalp (this is done, about every 7 weeks), this I also consider a pro,  (Very minimal products are needed).

I’ll start with all the good stuff first! The fact that I NEVER, EVER have to worry about what chemical is in my product, or whether or not the ingredients have been changed, is a definite pro in my opinion. I make my own cleansing conditioners in my kitchen, and most of them are completely edible! You simply can’t ask for more. For obvious reasons this is definitely a pro. The money saved is ridiculous, and is also a pro!

Here’s a list of products I keep in my pantry (kitchen), that I use for my conditioner: banana baby food, fresh bananas, yogurt, yams (canned), egg, honey, aloe gel, aloe juice, cactus pear leaf (kept in my freezer), agave nectar, rice, mayo, fenugreek powder (methi powder), apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, coconut milk, lemons, rosemary (used in hair rinse), oranges, and grapefruit. Now, I’m pretty sure I’m missing something, but I think you get the point. Everything I’ve listed are food products that I also consume. So, you can imagine the savings here….

As for the products I use that aren’t list here, those would be plant base, (non edible) products. Such as henna, cassia, amla powder, (forgot that amla is also edible), and shea butter; which is the only thing I leave in my hair (the ends ONLY) when needed. Shea butter is also edible (but I wouldn’t consume it unless I knew it was processed for that purpose). The fact that I can make my own product in my kitchen (I have control over it) is a pro. Because sebum has the perfect ph balance, 4.4-5.5; the same as my scalp and hair; my hair is almost always soft and moisturized (unless there is too much sebum and mineral deposits from my water), this is a pro. Since starting the WOHW method, I spend less time on my hair, less time shopping around for products (everything I need is in my kitchen or cabinet)…an absolute PRO!

Any style is possible-PRO

No heat needed to straighten my hair...whoop, whoop!

No heat needed to straighten my hair…whoop, whoop!

WOHO doesn't limit your hair style

Hair dries super fast-PRO

Hair doesn’t smell bad-PRO

Hair holds its shape after rain fall-PRO

Hair appears thicker-PRO

Hair is stronger-PRO

Less shedding-PRO

Rapid growth-PRO

Hardly any single strand knots (if any)-PRO

Easy to detangle-PRO

Sebum behaves like a pomade or wax-PRO

Wetting my hair daily-PRO

No heat needed to straighten- PRO

I think that’s it for the pros…



Because sebum comes in two different forms; oily and waxy, if you tend to have a more waxy sebum than oily, you might find it difficult and slightly frustrating to work with. I have more of a waxy sebum, and this is a con for me. My hair can become more difficult to work with if there is too much of the waxier sebum on it. Patience is key!

  • Hard water-CON
  • Chlorine in the water-CON
  • Mineral deposits in the water-CON

    Hard Water Deposit

    Hard Water Deposit

Soooo….I’m sitting here trying to think of other ’CONS’ about the WOHW Method, and my mind is coming up blank….guess there aren’t many cons for me. LOL!

 What are your Pros & Cons?


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  1. I have been doing the WOHW for about 12 1/2 months, maybe a little longer and I love it. At first I thought that this was a strange method and how my hair get and not smell if I do not use shampoo and conditioner? Well, I was amazed at how nice my hair came out just by standing under the shower. It felt soft, no smell and it is growing. Now, I had surgery about 1 1/2 years ago and my hair broke out a little but I started using flaxseed oil , collagen,as you suggested, and my hair has started to get stronger and growing again. I love this method!

  2. I’m restarting this method, I hope it works out well.

    How much does your hair grow?

    • Hi DP! I’m hoping the WOHW method will work for you as well. My hair grows pretty fast on this method actually; however, I’m unable to give measurements because I don’t use a measuring tape. I use my body as my measuring tool. Last year I cut my hair a lot….I’m a stress cutter. Although I’ve cut and trimmed my hair often, it grows so quickly I don’t miss the hair I cut. Believe me, I’m not the only one on this method who’ve reported rapid growth. I think it’s the sebum and the constant watering.

  3. Hello there!
    Since you have full sebum coverage, are you able to a wash and go?
    Is your sebum alone enough to give you defined curls?
    (I saw your natural hair journey video, and your wash and gos were on point, lol).

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi DP! Thank you! I looooved my wash and go’s back then…That’s the one thing I have to say I miss about using conditioner. The springy curls. Now, that’s not to say I don’t adore the curls/waves I have now, I do. I’ve just learned to accept my hair in all it’s forms (curly springy, wavy, frizzy, etc). So off topic…LOL.

      My sebum is enough to give me a pretty good wash and go. However, because I’m using just my sebum, it requires a little tweaking. The secret to an awesome wash and go, while on the WOHW method, is COLD WATER! You’ll be amazed at how well your curls pop, after rinsing with cold water.

  4. My hair is in a buzz cut and it’s dry. I’ve been using nothing but water since I clarified with apple cider vinegar. Since I have a buzz cut, how often do I need to water wash? I keep a cotton shirt that I cut up around my hairline cus I sweat at night in my sleep.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Nova! Because you have a buzz cut, rinsing every other day (or every two days) will be fine. If at anytime you observe your hair and it appears dry, spritz with distilled water (it’s soft water) it should soften your hair in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Remember to continue massaging your scalp, to insure the production of sebum.
      Because you’re using a cottony shirt around your edges of your head, make sure you keep an eye on your edges; you want to make sure your edges are retaining moisture. Hope this will be helpful. 😉

  5. Help! I have thick waxy sebum 🙁 it has been almost 3 months and I have used bananas, fenugreek cactus and apple cider vinegar to wash but my sebum is built up quite a bit despite washing. I have a shower filter but when I go to the gym and shower there my hair gets exposed to chlorinated and unfiltered water. My hair does not like the water at the gym. Will Amala do a better job of cleansing off some seabum but not all of it? I also notice that my sebum really picks up smells and holds onto the smells especially at the roots. I massage and scritch almost daily and even use a boar bristle brush 1x-3x per week. I do find the apple cider vinegar a bit to harsh on my hair. I really wish my sebum was more oily. The thick, sticky wax like sebum is harder to deal with. When it isn’t as coated as it is my hair is right now, making my hair look dull, it is soft and shiny when dry. Thanks for your help hope the blog on Amala is next. Keep then coming. Love the blog and Thank You!!!

  6. Help! I have thick waxy sebum 🙁 it has been almost 3 months and I have used bananas, fenugreek cactus and apple cider vinegar to wash but my sebum is built up quite a bit despite washing. I have a shower filter but when I go to the gym and shower there my hair gets exposed to chlorinated and unfiltered water. My hair does not like the water at the gym. Will Amala do a better job of cleansing off some seabum but not all of it? I also notice that my sebum really picks up smells and holds onto the smells especially at the roots. I massage and scritch almost daily and even use a boar bristle brush 1x-3x per week. I do find the apple cider vinegar a bit to harsh on my hair. I really wish my sebum was more oily. The thick, sticky wax like sebum is harder to deal with. When it isn’t as coated as it is my hair is right now, making my hair look dull, it is soft and shiny when dry. Thanks for your help hope the blog on Amala is next. Keep then coming. Love the blog and Thank You!!!

    • Hi Kyrakitty! Yes, amla powder is actually pretty good at removing the excess sebum, and it will not strip your hair. After use allow your hair 2-3 days to adjust to the cleansing. Sometimes after cleansing, it may feel like you’ve stripped your sebum when your hair is just adjusting to the cleaning. As for the water at the gym try bringing a gallon of distilled water with you to rinse your hair. I’ve actually notice a dramatic improvement in my sebum and hair, since using distilled water (which is soft water). I believe it cuts through the waxiness of the sebum, making it more oily and less waxy (that has been my experience). Spraying your hair with distilled water and sitting under heat is another method you can use to help you deal with the waxiness as well. Also, cassia and henna also work well for removing excess sebum without stripping; they’re a bit stronger than amla powder though. But they work! I’ll be doing a video/post very soon on amla powder. In my experience flaxseed oil is very effective at thinning out sebum as well. I take 2 tbsp a day. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you soo very much! I really appreciate the help.

        Do you happen to know if we can use cassia and henna for 10-20 min like a cleansing shampoo paste… vs the 4-6 hour treatment when it’s used for hair color?

        Have a lovely week. So excited about the upcoming video YaY!

        • Hi Kyrakitty! You’re very welcoome! 10-20 mins is more than enough time to cleanse your hair. It’s not necessary to leave it in any longer than that (unless you want to). Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Hi, I have been doing this method for 2 weeks now. Massaging, scritching and rinsing everyday. I don”t think I am seeing any sebum on my scalp yet. When I touch my scalp with the pad of one of my finger, I can see the pad of my fingers is shining a little bit compare to the other ones. But That is it. But maybe it is the coconut oil, since I am putting coconut oil on my hair everyday too eventhough I tried to avoid to put the oil on my scalp . When I look at my scalp I don”t see anything.. So is this sebum? lol Also, I don”t see/feel any sebum on my hair strands either. same when I am rinsing. And I have never had oily scalp in my life, even before doing this method. I have had dry scalp, yes, in the past and dandruff too (pretty often), I can even see that I have a little now (but you really have to look very close) and it looks a bit dry, but never oily scalp.

    My question.. When do you say full coverage, what do you mean exactly ? Do you mean feeling sebum everywhere on your hair strands? Not sure I understand that. Also.. What should I do to produce more sebum (if what I am experiencing does not seem like sebum to you after 2 weeks). My hair is smooth though.. Thanks a lot !!!

    • Hi Deborah! I just replied your first comment; sorry for the delay. The coconut oil is most likely why you see and feel very little evidence of sebum. It will remove your sebum before it has a chance at covering your hair stands. Adding coconut oil to your hair throughout (very little) is fine if that’s what your hair needs. However, it is best to do this once you have achieved total sebum coverage. Total Sebum Coverage, is when your entire head of hair has been covered from the root to the ends of your hair. It doesn’t matter how much sebum each strand has, as long as it’s covered. The ends almost always have less; which is why some have to supplement on occasion.

      It sounds like you may have sebum already, the way you describe your hair. Sebum will smooth out your hair, especially when you detangle it. I can get my hair pretty straight with a bb brush and absolutely no heat. Does your hair feel really soft once fully dried (almost baby soft)?

      As for producing more sebum; water intake is very important as well as a good diet.
      Lots of raw green foods, and fruits like papaya is very helpful. I also take flaxseed oil to help thin out and produce more sebum (2 tbsp a day, after a meal).

  8. Hi, I have been doing the WOW method for 1 month now and loving it. I want to dye my hair but am not sure if thats a good idea on this method, any advise on this would be really appreciated.

    Thank you

    • Hi Shanie! I dye my sister’s hair every so many weeks to get rid of her grey. With that said, since she isn’t using bleach to change her color, her sebum was not stripped. However, everyone is very different, but even if your hair becomes stripped of its sebum don’t worry, it will come back. You’ll have to really moisturize your hair (shea butter is my suggestion) to maintain moisture until your sebum has covered your hair once again. Hope this helps.

  9. Hi.

    Thanks for helping my hair get it’s life back again. I’ve been using the this method for a week and I’m starting to see a difference with the way my hair feels. My concern is that my hair appears dry (though touching I can feel moisture in there) then I’ll have to spritz it so it can “look” like it has life. Is it because my sebum is more waxy than oily?

    • Hi Gugu! I certainly understand where you’re coming from. I’ve had the same experience for sure. It’s absolutely possible that it’s because of the waxiness of your sebum as well as the hard water mineral deposits you may have in your water. My go to product for when this happens is banana baby food; straight from the jar. This will give you amazing shine that will last through the week (at least for me it did). Also, if you’re not already spritzing with distilled water this will also help improve your shine.

  10. Hi WOHW!
    I’ve been doing this method for quite some time but I still have ways to go!

    I’m not the best at rinsing my hair daily. I have a pretty complicated schedule and after I shower from exercising I usually need to be right at the door. So, is daily rinsing absolutely necessary? If it is, should I rinse at night?

    Also I like twistouts and updos but if I have to rinse my hair everyday does that mean I’m stuck to wash and gos?

    Finally, what are your thoughts on those scalp massaging brushes? Would that be useful for the scritching process?

    I don’t want to inundate you with too many questions so I’ll stop there! I look forward to hearing from you. Your blog and your videos have truly been life changing for me.


    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi JJ! Sorry for the late reply. Daily rinsing isn’t necessary; however, spritzing your hair with distilled water maybe needed to make sure your hair maintains moisture (everyone is different so may not need to spritz your hair at all). You are so not stuck with wash n gos. Here is what I do when I skip my rinses (I am now skipping 4 days of water rinsing)I first preen my hair at night, then spritz with distilled water. I put my hair in a high bun pineapple and wrap with satin scarf. In the morning I steam my hair with a bowl of previous boiled water (totally optional), I then spritz with cold water (distilled) to close my hair cuticles, then I remove my bun, shake and style. I repeat these steps for the next three days.

      I haven’t tried a scalp massaging brush; I do have a scalp massaging tool I picked up from Bed Bath & Beyond, and I really like it. If you’ve found a scalp massaging brush and it also works for scritching, I say go for it.

  11. Hi,
    thank you for the wonderful videos. I miss them. I started 3 weeks now, but I think I did it wrong. I wash with water ev ery day, but first I put oil, jojoba and shea. but yesterday i put a mix of coconut oil and amla, brhingaraj, fenugreek, carrot. Hair was strong, but feel dry. I also do avc rinse 2xweek for itchy scalp. I see little white in my scalp, but not sure if it is sebum. I also put my hair im mini braids. Should I stop the coconut and just continue with the rinsing dail. Should I unbraid the hair and make them bigger? I was just concern on do and undo daily for over manipulation. I pray that your son and you will be better.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Anonymous! First let me say I regret not getting back to you sooner…. Since it has only been 3 weeks (as of today it has been about 5 weeks) I would suggest only using water for rinsing and only using an oil of your choice and or shea butter, which happens to be a favorite of mine (Use on your ends only, to allow your sebum to be distribute along your hair strands). Using oils on your hair too often will strip away your sebum (especially if you have very little sebum to begin with). I would also suggest using something that is milder than an herbal powder, as amla, brhingaraj, or even fenugreek powder, will take more sebum from your strands if you have very little to begin with. When you have a small amount (or you haven’t reach total sebum coverage) of sebum you want to start with banana baby food or acv rinse; this will take a small amount of sebum and will not cause you to have to start from scratch. If you do not have a lot of sebum or even total sebum coverage and you use something stronger, it may seem as though you are not producing sebum … You should absolutely use water daily as it will encourage more sebum production. You can rinse daily until you receive total sebum coverage. Once you receive total coverage you can cut back on your rinsing. Thank you for your prayers, I truly appreciate it. My son has been home for two weeks now and is recovering well. His doctor was able to remove the entire tumor without any complications…I can’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for everyone who sent prayer his way…I. Am. Grateful…Thank you!

  12. Hi! Thanks for all the useful advice. I’m 2 weeks in and struggling. I’ve started using Shea butter on my ends to alleviate dryness while I wait for sebum coverage. On days when I don’t have to work, I’ve been using a plastic cap along with a scarf over it for a few hours to “steam” my hair and help produce more sebum. I’ve read conlicting advice as to whether this is helpful. I want to encourage and not discourage sebum production! Do you think this is ok?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Sherry! Sounds like the GHE only without the added oils which is fine. The GHE method in my experience does encourage sebum production (yes I think this is okay. I do it myself from time to time). When you are rinsing are you inverting your head (bending forward)? This will also encourage sebum production and bring the sebum from the back to the front of the head. As for using a plastic cap with a scarf to create a steam effect that’s fine. I would suggest spritzing your hair with distilled water before you add the plastic cap and scarf so your hair starts off with moisture.

  13. I just found your site today it is very informative. I have read a lot of your posts questions & answers. I still have a question, if I start this and do a clarifying do I need to use something like the baby food bananas or do I just do my clarifying wash and twist then leave it alone until the next rinse?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Denise H. Yes, you would begin by clarifying your hair to remove all previous products from your hair. Any clarifying shampoo or herbal powder will do. Banana baby food will not clarify your hair, but will condition, remove excess sebum and debris and give great shine (use the banana baby food after you have sebum in your hair. I use it for multiple reasons:shine,conditioning,and to remove excess sebum). As for the last part of you question the answer is “yes.” However, you will have to massage your scalp, scritch, and also preen the sebum down the length of your hair. Occasionally you’ll have to remove your twist and preen the sebum down your hair so the sebum doesn’t get trapped within the twist (this doesn’t always happen) and re twist the hair. You’ll basically be repeating the four steps of this method, especially until you achieve total sebum coverage (which can take up to six weeks depending on how quickly you produce sebum). Also remember to use a supplemental butter or oil (shea butter or coconut oil are my personal preference) on your ends if you need it; just a small amount of coconut to the ends (when you add too much oil to your hair, the oil will interfere with you recognizing your sebum, so be careful with how much you use). Here’s a very lengthy video on how I started: https://youtu.be/tvONPQTYtfY

  14. Hellllpppp!

    I’ve been using this method for about 3 months.. And although it was going well the first 2 months, the ends have started BREAKING and looks ‘trashy’ even after giving it a trim! I’m not seeing much sebum after ditching coconut oil (it made my hair grey).. And my hair gets dry (not waxy as usual) after washing! I need a fix for this! Please Hayllpp!

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey Gibbie. I know this is coming late and I do apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Are you currently still doing the WOHW Method? If so, tell me exactly what the current issue is as of today, and hopefully I can help. There are so many possible cause of the problems you’re going through. I need specifics; like how often you’re rinsing? What you’re putting on your hair and how often? Are you inverting your head during your rinses? What is the temperature of the water? Are you currently using a shower head filter? And when was the last time you clarified your hair of the excess sebum?

      • 1. No. I took a break just last week from the WOHW because it was breaking so badly. I used the Organix (I think that’s the name) shampoo to clarify and conditioner (deep conditioned) and been using a mix of water, a little suave naturals conditioner and olive oil to moisturize my hair twice a day.

        2. I water rinse between every day or every other day.

        3. I mainly had in a mini twist/braid, water Rinsed and put shea butter at the ends (I used to use coconut oil) ; when my hair is loose, I section in 4, comb through and put in 4 cornrows.

        4. I do not do inversions.

        5. I started using cold water for rinses but switched to hot/hot-warm water in a bid to get the sebum to travel down the strand quicker.

        6. I do not have a shower head filter.

        7. I last clarified my hair about 3 weeks thereabouts with aloe vera juice, after which I don’t remember seeing any sebum.

        At this point the ends are wiry, straw like and every time my hair is combed, little wisps are coming out.

        I hope you can help because in its early stages, the water rinses made my hair feel very soft.

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hey Gibbie. So first lets start with adding a shower head filter (they start from 29.99 and up and you can find it a Home Depot, Lowes, Ebay, and Amazon), adding this will definitely improve your water (can remove up to 90 something percent of the chlorine and mineral deposit). However if this isn’t an option then maybe you could begin using distilled water (I alternate between using distilled water and my shower water). When you are rinsing make sure to bend your head forward under the water. Doing this will help to bring the sebum from the back of your head to the front. Inverting your head also helps stimulate the blood circulation, therefore helping you to produce more sebum and hair growth. I invert my head every time I rinse and sometimes out side the shower (try it for the next few weeks and see if you notice a change in hair growth and sebum).

          Using cold water is fine to use for rinsing, however for some it will not be as effective as when you rinse with warm to somewhat hot water. If your hair cuticles are already tightly closed, the cold water would add to this, preventing the water from getting into your hair cuticles (which may also be what caused your breakage). Some people believe that sebum travel on the outside of the hair cuticles, not through it. I’m not sure if that is true or not. I haven’t been able to find any conclusive data on it either way. All I have is my own personal experience and how different techniques and methods have worked for me and my family. So, whether it’s true or not, you still need to allow the water (warm to hot water opens the cuticles, and cold water will close them) to enter your hair shaft.

          Ok, so I’m just kind of working through my thought, so forgive me if I appear to be rambling. I’m thinking that you’re hair may not have had any moisture within the stands/hair shaft at the time you used the aloe juice to cleanse your hair. Before adding the aloe juice to your hair, had you previously wet/rinsed with warm to hot water? If not, I’m thinking adding aloe on top of hair that is already dry may have made your hair even drier (aloe vera juice and sebum/hair have a similar range in ph levels). Using aloe juice or gel is very healthy for the hair and scalp but it also closes the hair cuticles; and if your hair doesn’t have moisture within…You end up with even drier hair and possible breaks. Hope that made some kind of sense (just thinking it through…). When I use aloe, I prefer to use the actual plant and make a gel from it. I feel like is works better than the bottled aloe juice, maybe it’s the preservatives my hair doesn’t like. Using the aloe juice on it’s own just doesn’t work for me.

          I would start from the beginning.

          1.)Clean your hair.

          2.)Twist it up.

          3.)Follow all four steps: massage, scritch, preen, rinse (use warm to semi hot water; not too hot. Hot water can also break the hair). You can skip rinse days, spritzing with distilled water in between.

          4.) Add shea butter to your ends when needed only. Sometimes the ends of the hair just doesn’t get enough sebum on them.

          5.) Cleanse your hair every so many weeks to remove the excess sebum and debris. I cleanse my hair ever 7 weeks. This works for me. Figure how often you will need to cleanse the excess sebum and debris from your hair. Example:If by the 8th week you notice your hair has a grey tinge, it has begun to break, or it is simply not behaving “right” this would be a good indication that your hair should be cleansed the week before this occurs.

          6.)I would suggest using coconut oil as your cleanser. Coconut oil will only remove the excess sebum not trip it (after every cleanse with coconut oil, wait up to 3 days for your hair to feel like it normally does) as long as you use it when is’t time to clean the excess. Using coconut oil frequently, followed by rinsing will eventually strip the sebum from your hair (make sure you stick to a schedule, when cleansing with oil). This does not apply to people with a lot of sebum, if a small amount is applied only. To clarify, I’m making the suggestion of using coconut oil for the purpose of cleansing, because this oil penetrates the hair shaft, allowing more moisture in without drying your hair out, or tripping your sebum.

          7.)Finish with a cold water rinse to close the cuticles. I hope this makes sense to you. I feel like I just rambled on….

        • Thanks for all of this. I appreciate it. I’ll be trying this as soon as I have access to “clean” water. Thanks.

  15. Hi WOHW! Thanks for all you do!

    I’ve been water only washing for about 1.5 weeks. When starting, I clarified with bentonite clay and twisted my hair in medium twists. I noticed sebum production very early. On the third day, my hair became very tacky/waxy and had the infamous grey tinge. I decided then to start wearing it loose. I did and ACV rinse to clarify (even though I felt it was too soon). My hair felt better but on the fifth day I skipped a rinse (I massaged, scritched, and rinsed daily prior to this).

    Since then my hair has been feeling dry despite a waxy feel at the first few inches. (I feel a bit of waxiness lower on the shaft in some places but not very many). I still rinse daily and I’ve been using shea butter at my ends. Despite using the butter, my hair has still been feeling a bit dry and I am noticing a slightly more breakage. It is difficult to preen my hair when dry or damp. I do have a shower head filter so I’ve ruled out hard water as the culprit. Have any ideas what the problem could be?

    Thank you!

    • I had experienced this same problem, which almost turned my off. Sometimes the feeling comes from the way the clay leaves the hair. What I can say is this: using the bentonite clay was very drying to my hair and so I used pink kaolin clay with yellow clay, small amount of olive oil and honey when I need to clean and condition my hair; it does not draw oils. I also use spring water instead of distill and had great results. To clarify, try boiling oatmeal with water instead. I read from naturalhavenbloom that it cleans hair and tried it. I enjoyed the results. I tried 2 tablespoons of natural oatmeal and boiled 16ounces of water once it foams I cool it down and then strain. It help me alot. I dont experience dryness and my hair is clean. Hope this helps

      • Update: it can also be that your hair still has conditioner on it and sometimes that takes a while to remove. You can be feeling the waxy feel ofnthe left over conditioner which can do that. But i still recommend using a gentler clay. Good luck.

  16. Hello:
    So after using commercial products and then making my own. I could not reach totally satisfaction of natural hair care. After I kept experiencing dry hair, one day I decided to clarify my hair and to my surprise, my hair was soft. Lately that day my hair became little dry. But I never stopped thinking about how my hair felt to be free from products. Then I stumble on your site and youtube video. I have started the water only hair wash last Sunday. I have a shower filter, clarified my hair but I must admit that my hair was very dry and tangled. So, I cut my ends and had better results. My most challenge is hair styling. I don’t have a lot of hair and it is very coarse. I don’t look good in twists so i braid it and use an Afro puff to style my hair. So far so good. Do you think this method might work with coarse hair? thanks

  17. Thank you for your advice, its been extremely helpful. I’ve been doing this method for a week now. My hair feels soft, like cotton but I have no sebum yet. My hair now has body and the curls are more defined plus I have less breakage now. I am loving finding out about my hair and observing how it behaves with no products. It feels like I’ve been suffocating my hair strands and it finally has a chance to breathe!! There is one thing I have started to notice and that is my hair gets dry very fast. is this an indication of high porosity or is it a result of WOHW?

    • Hi Diane. Your hair will dry faster now because you’re not using any products. Once you have total sebum coverage the same will also be true; my hair dries pretty fast too.

  18. Hi, thank you so much for all the info.
    I came across the WOHW so randomly. I am very much interested and want to start nlw that I have a twa (3inches), however I have some questions:
    1-can I integrate weekly hot oil treatment into my WOHW. Using JBCO and olive oil.

    2-what do I do after full sebum coverage? Do I clarify and start again or keep going?

    3-can I use oils that stimulate hair growth to massage scalp if they are non-stripping? I have mixture of shea butter, castor oil and few essential oils that I massage regularly on my scalp. Are they stripping?

    4- Finally, I have been thinking of doing 1 month of pure WOHW followed by 3 months of using my natural hair growth oils with monthly hot oil treatment and deep conditioning. Then do a protein treatment at the end of the 3 months. And repeat the cycle again for (WOhW-oils-protein). What are your thoughts on that please?

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