What Is The Water Only Hair Washing Method?

Water only hair washing by my definition; is the act of water rinsing (washing)  your hair with warm/hot water.  The ultimate

First thing you'll need...WATER, WATER, WATER!

First thing you’ll need…WATER, WATER, WATER!

goal is to allow your natural sebaceous glands to produce the natural occurring  sebum, that will nourish, protect and moisturize your hair strands and scalp. You want to achieve Total Sebum Coverage. The sebum will also help your scalp maintain a healthy ph level an protect it from infections and fungi. I do not go into much of the science aspect of sebum, however I have done plenty of research, and I am comfortable with the knowledge I have, along with the experience I have with the WOHW Method.  As of  November 2014 (13 months), I have exclusively done the water only hair washing method (WOHW). As with any new thing you try, there will be a transitioning period before your hair adjust to this method, and that’s not including how long it will take you mentally to adjust. Transitioning can take up to 3 months, I know that seems like a great deal of time, and maybe it will be for some of you. All I can say is please be “patient,” it will pay off in the end.

This method of hair care is fairly simple. You will have to clarify your hair and scalp of any previous products/build up with an herbal or regular clarifying shampoo. In the beginning try for the most natural product to clarify your hair with. Here are just a few suggestions: Amla Powder, Aretha Powder, Fenugreek Conditioner, Henna, Cassia, Bentonite Clay, Mud Wash etc… All herbs can be used by itself or together. Make sure you have thoroughly detangled your hair either before or after you have clarified your hair.

Once you have clarified your hair, pick a style; two strand twist (medium to large size) are highly recommend for those of you who have afro textured or kinky, curly, coily, cottony textured hair. Putting your hair in two strand twist will make the transitioning period go smoother then if you decided to do this on loose hair. Braids, or flat twist are also acceptable alternatives as well. For those of you who have naturally straight hair, this method will also work for you to; although you could also use the bb brush. I’ll get into the bb brush later… Now that you’ve styled and clarified your hair,  daily steps.

The following is a quick jump-start, that I will break down and explain as thoroughly as I can:

Quick Jump Start Into The WOHW!

Step 1: Clarify (use any clarifying shampoo or herbal conditioner you like) and detangle your hair.

Step 2: Put your hair in medium to large two strand twist.

Step 3: Massage your scalp daily for a minimum of 5 mins.

Step 4: Start the rinsing process daily.

Step 5: Once you start feeling a sticky or greasy feeling on your hair; usually the first few inches of hair will have the “sticky/greasy” sebum.

Step 6: Preen the sebum down your strands.

Step 7: Once your sebum comes in, it’s time to start scritching your scalp daily, so you will not get a build up of sebum.. These steps need to be done daily or almost daily until you have reached Total Sebum Coverage. Once you have Total Sebum Coverage, you can make your twist smaller or wear your hair loose. I strongly recommend using a natural oil or butter to supplement your hair if it’s needed. Remember to avoid none plant/food base products, as most commercial products will strip your hair’s natural oils and set you back.


On the WOHW Method you will need daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Starting with the first step; CLARIFYING. Unless you opt to use the bb brush as your daily, weekly, monthly maintenance tool, you’re going to have to remove the excess sebum from your hair every so many months or week; depending on how much sebum you produce. Some of you will be low producers of sebum, which will mean you can go longer before you have to remove the excess sebum. Others will fall between normal and high sebum producers, which will mean you have to clarify/ remove the excess sebum/debris. During the process of removing the excess sebum, you are never stripping your hair bare. Signs that you need to remove your excess sebum:


1. your hair has become stickier, oilier than normal.


2. There is a grey tinge to your hair.


3. Your hair has begun to break at the ends.


4. Your scalp appears to have a sheet of dandruff and has become itchy.

These are the most common signs that you need to clarify your hair. My suggestion is to figure out your hair cycle in terms of; for example: If you have noticed that you can usually go 2 months before clarifying your hair, then instead of waiting 8 weeks to clarify, do it on the 7th week. That way you won’t have to deal with the consequence of have excess sebum.

What Do I Use When It’s Time To Clarify?

When you clarify your hair choose an all natural shampoo or conditioner, as it will not strip your sebum. There are several herbal powders that can be whipped into conditioner that will clean the excess sebum without stripping it. Amla ( Gooseberry), Aretha Powder (Soap Nut), Cassia, Henna, Shikakai Powder etc… Make sure to look for a plant/food base product to make your conditioner or shampoo (prevents sebum removal). I found that a more natural approach is best on this method. As I am still in the process of building my site, I strongly recommend visiting my YouTube Channel, if any of your questions have not been addressed, or leave a comment:


  1. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

    In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I
    hope you write again soon!

  2. How do I know that I have reached full coverage?

    • Hi! When your sebum begins to cover your hair strands, there will be a waxy/oily feel to your hair (especially when wet). This will feel very different from the rest of your hair that isn’t covered. Also, you can try a cold water rinse; the hair that’s covered will visibly constrict under the water. Hope this helps.

      • Hi wateronlywash i ben doin this merhod for about little over a month and all i got from it wAs dry brittle ends and splits. I tried shea butter on my ends but it would still be dry. I deep conditioned and clarfied( not all at once in the same day).But the ends of my hair was still dry and rough. please if you have tips or suggestions it would gladly appreicated 🙂

      • Hello, I started this WOW 3 days ago. My main concern is coloring my wirey grey strands. You mentioned that your sister used vidal sassoon. How is she able to use this with having to shampoo & condition her hair without removing the sebum and starting from scratch? And without causing damage from using a commercial product?
        Also, would it be too soon for me to use this or should I try to wait until I get full sebum coverage first?

      • Hey so this blog was so insightful! I was just wondering if you knew what’s the soonest your sebum can come in? I just started WO method about 4 or 5 days ago, and my hair feels so soft, but definite kinda sticky/oily. Almost a tacky waxy feel, which sounds like sebum but I’m super surprised it would come in so fast. And to be honest it already looks the slightest bit grey. I have a mixture of 3c and 4a textured hair which is in a twa ( about two inches long).

  3. I started WOHW just this past Saturday so I’m only on day 5. Is it too soon for the sebum to come in? I don’t see or feel it has come in yet. I have been having to use shea butter on the bottom half of my hair to combat the dryness. I do notice that my hair seems thicker and more shiny without products.

    • Hi Tameka! It’s not so soon to see evidence towards the root area at all. Especially if you’re following all the steps. Sounds like you’re off to a good start.

  4. I’ve been doing this method for three weeks now, and my hair has a grey tinge to it. I’ve done an acv rinse, but it only helped a little. I think I remember reading in one of the comments on your Youtube channel that coconut oil can condition and cut through the sebum. Could I use that to get rid of the grey tinge?

    • Hi D! Absolutely, coconut oil will help with the grey tinge. It does cut through the sebum and will help condition your hair. Remember oil will also remove sebum, so make sure if your intent is to address the grey tinge only, that a small amount of coconut oil is used. If you’re trying to cleanse the excess you can also do an oil rinse, which will remove the excess sebum and debris (there are a lot of wohw members who choose oil rinsing as a method of cleansing the excess sebum).

  5. Hello dear, I started the method 2 weeks ago… Thanks again for putting this method out there and giving us all the advices ! Much appreciated ! So far my hair has been REALLY smooth. But I still need some guidance… Here is what I do :
    – I am massing my scalp every evening for at least 15 minutes, (I don’t really preen because i don’t really feel like there is enough sebum to preen), then I do about 10 twists, then I rinse my hair and scritch while in the shower. When I am done with the shower I have to re-do all my twists because I am adding the coconut oil to moisturize my hair. Then I put a satin scarf, wear a hat to go to work, and back to massaging in the evening, then shower etc etc… This is time consuming everyday (not the hair rinse but the twisting part) and I feel like I am manipulating my hair too much. I am doing this because i really want my hair to be moisturize since not enough sebum.
    – What would you suggest I change in this routine ?
    – Also how much hair do you lose on a daily basis ?
    – And I have very little sebum so far after 2 weeks, I still don’t see any difference when my hair is wet. Should I do something else ?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

    • Hi Deb! I think your overall routine is good. Here is a recap of what I did once my hair was cleansed of previous product: I twisted my hair in medium twist, massaged, scritched, and rinsed every night. I did this without removing my twist daily; I didn’t add any oils (you can add oils if needed)or butters. I only removed my twist when I felt my hair began to web/tangle near the roots. Once I removed my twist I detangled and re-twisted. I didn’t start to preen until I noticed the sheen and feel of my sebum. I’m thinking the coconut oil may be preventing you from actually feeling your sebum, as it may be mixing with your sebum. An alternative possibility is; because you don’t have sebum coverage, using coconut oil throughout your hair will remove your sebum when rinsing as well (this may also be the reason you see no evidence of sebum). I would suggest that you stop removing your twist nightly and only apply coconut oil, or even better, shea butter (add shea butter to your ends after rinsing). Adding shea butter as a supplement will keep your ends moisturized longer and you will only have to add it every so many days. Remember coconut oil as with any oil, will also remove your sebum.
      You’re absolutely right about it being too much manipulation to the hair. You shouldn’t have to remove your twist nightly.

      – What would you suggest I change in this routine ? Stop applying coconut oil throughout your hair. Try using shea butter on the ends only. Also, spritzing your hair with distilled water (soft water) will help with the dryness.

      – Also how much hair do you lose on a daily basis ? Very little. The next time I detangle I’ll include pictures on my blog.

      Hope this was helpful and not too much rambling!

      • Thank you soooo much !!!! I am going to listen to you and go braids instead of twists to make sure they last after the rinsing. I will use shea butter instead of coconut oil, and only put it on my ends. and see if I can see more sebum. It was really helpful and no rambling at all eheh 🙂 .. On another thought, what if after doing all this my scalp is still dry and still no sebum? Do you then recommend to stop the method if not enough sebum ? Or what will you suggest in that case ? I thought about putting jojoba oil on my scalp but I wanted your opinon on that.

        • Hi Deb! It’s been a little crazy and stressful lately around here. Sorry didn’t get back to sooner. If you’re finding that you aren’t producing enough sebum, then I would suggest altering the method to fit what your hair needs. If that means adding oil to your scalp every so often, them absolutely do that. You know; my mom produces a lot of sebum, but on occasion, because she’s going through the change, her sebum production can be very minimal. And because of that, she’ll have to use oil on her scalp. So what I’m saying is if you want to continue with the WOHW Method adjust it to your situation. Hope this helps. Also there are lots of foods and oil supplements that can help with sebum production.

          • What are the foods and oil supplement that you know work for sebum production ? That maybe you or members of your family tried ? Thanks !

          • Wateronlyhairwash

            Hi Deb! I am a vegetarian and raw foodist, so I eat loads of raw fruits and vegetables, which helps with the production and balance of sebum. There isn’t one fruit, vegetable or meat that I can say will solely produce sebum; it’s a balance of this and that. However, I can tell you some of the foods I eat that can help and foods I don’t eat that can also help. Foods I eat in high concentration (I eat these on a daily/weekly basis): papaya, carrots, flaxseed meal, kale, spinach, avocados, bananas, apples, nuts (lots of different nuts: almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, and sometimes cashews; all nuts are raw “uncooked is best.”). I also make my own trail mix using raw nuts, raisins, apricots, apples, mangos and figs (this is what I eat as a snack), etc. These foods all work together providing a balance. I also drink a plenty of water, which is very important as well.

            For some time I’ve been taking flaxseed oil (the Nature Made brand), which has also helped me with the production of sebum. If you aren’t a vegetarian, or vegan; consuming more fatty foods (meats) will also help. Try eating foods that have plenty of Omega-3’s in them.
            It’s kind of difficult to tell you exactly what will help, since your diet may be different from mine. Just remember fatty foods help; oils and foods that contain Omega-3, as well as a balance diet. To start, focus on fatty foods and foods with Omega-3. Hope this helps.

      • Thank you so much for this both of you. I’m almost 2 months in and I’ve been having these same issues with the Grey tinge and not seeing any sebum for the past couple of weeks! Everything was good until I started using coconut oil after every rinse! Definitely trying these recommendations. Thank you both!

  6. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that I started the Water only washing method almost two weeks ago and I AM LOVING IT. I haven’t reached full coverage yet but I can definitely feel the difference where the sebum is. So excited! =)

  7. Thanks so much for everything you have shared! I started the method on January 28th and I have been loving it with the exception of a few split ends I’ve been getting. I know that my hair can become over moisturized, so I am wondering if you have ever gone longer than a couple of days in between rinses. I think I really need to cut down to maybe twice a week because I think my more porous ends are getting weaker from the daily saturation. I think I will start doing tea rinses as well to help add some strength.

    • Hi Britt! I have very recently started skipping 4 sometime 5 days of water rinsing. What I have done is in between my rinses, is to make sure I spritz my hair with distilled water lightly, every night and morning and then put my hair in a high pineapple bun. This is working for me. So, yeah, I think absolutely you can skip more than a 2 days. Also, I still preen and massage during this time before bed. Hope this helps.

      P.S. I’m going to doing a few tea/herbal rinses as well.

  8. Would it be possible to do a protective style like marley twists or crochet braids while doing this method?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi D! Yes, I do believe it is possible to do this method with marley twist or crochet braids while on this method. However, I have not tried this personally; with that said, there have been a women who are on the WOHW method who are wearing twist/braids using this type of hair (and they’ve said it’s working for them…) I wish I could’ve helped more on this topic. :/

  9. I tried the WOHW a few months back but got discouraged with the lack of sebum and stopped. Not sure what I was doing wrong. How long does it typically take to produce sebum. I have very fine african hair. Here’s my routine: ACV rinse to clarify then daily massage, scritch, rinse. I rinsed with very cold water. I did this routine for about 4 weeks, then gave up. What was I doing wrong ? Why didn’t I produce sebum? I’d like to try again, but not sure what to do to be successful. Please help!

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Julinda! I’m sorry your first attempt at the WOHW Method didn’t work out. Everything you did on this method was right on target, except rinsing with cold water, instead of warm/hot water. Cold water should be used at the end of your rinsing routine (you can also alternate between cold water rinses and warm/hot rinses if your hair already has Total Sebum Coverage), to close your hair cuticles. The warm/hot water helps to melt your sebum down your length a lot better than cold water; remember sebum reacts different under cold water, and it can also close you pores preventing sebum from getting through. You can play around with the water temperature after you have coverage to see how your hair responds.

      Also try inverting your head a few days a week to get the sebum from the back of the head to the front (sebum settles in the back of the head…gravity) I invert my head whenever I’m rinsing.

      It took me about two to three weeks before I notice I had sebum. Hope this helps.

  10. Hi I have a TWA and just recently started WOW. My sebum production is minimal and my hair is DRY. I’ve tried jojoba and coconut oil to combat the dryness but my strands stay dry. how can I stimulate sebum? is it ok to apply oil on my scalp, if so what oil do u suggest? since I’m not producing sebum should I only massage daily? is Shea butter the only product I can apply to my hair to combat the dryness? or is it best just to wait until my hair is long enough to twist to start this regimen?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Rhonda! The reason you may appear to be producing minimal sebum could be that your water is too hot, or the oil you’re applying to your hair and scalp may be getting rinsed away. When your hair is short the sebum can be easily rinsed away; their isn’t enough hair to insulate your sebum (it is very likely you’re rinsing it away with the hot water), try rinsing with warm water instead of hot and rinse every other day. I would suggest not applying any oils to your scalp during this time; oil can also remove your sebum.

      If you feel you need to supplement you sebum try adding any natural oil to the ends (if you prefer oil over shea butter, then olive oil or coconut oil would be my choice) only or shea butter. You can even spritz you hair daily using distilled water (which is soft water), this will definitely improve the moisture in your hair.

      To stimulate more sebum, massaging is definitely required, as well as inverting your head while rinsing, can also be done outside the shower. The GHE Method can also help.
      Hope this will help.

      • thanks so much for your reply. If I don’t have any sebum do I keep the water rinsing every other day and the daily massaging? is sebum really sticky ?

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hi Rhonda! Yes, sebum can be very sticky. If after rinsing every other day for a week or so, you don’t see any evidence of sebum, then yes, absolutely start rinsing daily again. If you’re feeling something sticky on your hair, then that is most likely your sebum.

        • Has anyone or do you know of anyone who does WOHM and also color their hair.

          • Hi Eve! Yes, I do. My mother colors her hair and has been on the wohw method almost as long as I have.

  11. Hi….i just started the WOHW, my question is what do I use to deep condition/ treat it. Can I use any hair treatment and how often should I do it. I find my hair, especially, the ends are breaking a lot. Thanks

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi elsandra! When I’m treating my hair right, I like to deep condition it once a week at the most; at the least, once every two weeks. As for conditioning treatments I only ever use natural products (Plant base, food base). For a softening deep conditioning treatment, I use fenugreek powder, which has a small amount of protein in it, with cactus gel (goo). Here’s the link https://youtu.be/zxnjf4WKxow. For a protein treatment coconut milk and honey with a small amount of coconut oil is a amazing protein treatment (can also be done once a week). I don’t have a video on the protein treatment, so if you need exact measurements let me know.
      It’s normal for you to have dry ends, especially since you are new to the WOHW method. I’ve been WOHW for 16, 17 months and I still feel from time to time my ends don’t have enough sebum. Using a supplement on your ends will help with the dryness and breakage. I prefer shea butter on the my ends when I supplement. However using coconut oil or olive oil can also be used (any natural oil or butter can be used). Shea butter feels closest to sebum to me and doesn’t rinse away the sebum after one rinse.

      Also try rinsing from time to time with distilled water. I’ve found that using distilled water, which is essentially soft water keeps my hair moisturized and none sticky.
      Sorry for the late reply.

  12. I have just started this method. I first clarified with a sulfate shampoo and have been massaging every night and rinsing everyday in warm water in the shower. My hair is in large twist. It has been almost 2 weeks and I still have not noticed any sebum. My scalp seems to be very dry and so does my hair. Should I put some shea butter on my hair to help with the dryness. I am having to re-twist almost daily.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Wendy! It can take 3-4 months before your hair has adjusted to this method. It took about 2-3 weeks before I saw any evidence of sebum; I know it’s difficult, but try to be patient (it was difficult for me too in the beginning). Yes, add some shea butter to your hair until you feel you don’t need it. You may still need to add a supplement to your hair even after you achieve total sebum coverage. Have you been inverting you head (tilting your head forward under the water) while rinsing? This is a very important step; this will help bring the sebum from the back of your head to the front. Sebum tends to settle at the back of your head; gravity pulls it down. You can also invert your head outside of the shower (4 mins max.) Also adding distilled water same as soft water) to your regimen will also help with moisture. You can rinse with it or even spritz your hair; either way it will help your hair retain moisture.

      Hope this will help.

  13. Hey, hey!
    I’ve been watching your youtube channel like crazy and definitely appreciate all of the advice you give to others looking to WOHW. I have a question! I’ve only just begun the method and even though I moisturize my ends with olive oil. (coconut oil just doesn’t do anything for my hair) I’m still afraid of them breaking off. I was looking into doing a protective style and maybe installing some marley twists. I did try doing small twists on my natural hair as you recommend for beginners but I didn’t like the look on me, and I don’t want to put my hair through a lot of manipulation by keeping it untwisted. Do you think installing marley twists will be too much of a barrier between the sebum and my natural hair? Or do you think it would be okay?
    Thanks so much!

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Tyler! Although I don’t have any personal experience with marley twist, I can say that I have a few subscribers who have installed them, and have been able to still do the WOHW method. Shea butter on you ends (after you wet your hair ), in my opinion, works better at moisturizing your ends for longer periods of time. This pass weekend I installed crochet braids in my mother’s head (my first time), so I will be keeping a hair diary of how she’s maintaining it while still doing the WOHW method. So yes, I think marley twist will be okay; make sure to add a bit of oil or shea butter to your hair to give it extra moisture before you install them. I spritzed my mother’s hair with water then added some oil before I installed her crochet braids. Sorry for the late reply.

      P.S. my daughter’s name is Tyler 😉

      • Thanks so much for the response! I guess I’ll be trying marley twists soon then! It’ll be nice to give my hair a break and let it relax without all the manipulation it’s been going through. I will definitely try the shea butter on my ends, too. I actually stopped using the olive oil because I didn’t like it.
        I love hearing about other girls with the same name as me! We’re a rare breed, haha. You have good taste! 🙂

  14. Hi! I actually have way too much sebum on my scalp— it’s itchy, waxy, and making my scalp smell pretty bad according to those closest to me. The only thing I’m using on my hair right now, at all, is water, ACV and baking soda mixed together. I have naturally super-thick and curly hair, and I never know if I’m rinsing it thoroughly enough. What can I do to get rid of the excess sebum? Any help is SUPER appreciated… thank you so much…

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Earthy! Sorry to hear you’re experiencing excess sebum production (not pleasant, I know). If you are new to this method, you may still be going through the transitioning phase (It can take 3-4 months for your hair to transition, while on the WOWH method). While transitioning, some people experience an increase of sebum. Other possible causes can be the use baking soda. Although a lot of people have positive results, it can be too harsh for some of us and may be throwing your pH balance off, increasing your sebum production. Also, if you’re rinsing daily, try cutting back. Rinsing can also increase your sebum as well as cleansing your hair too often (cleansing frequently can make your scalp think it needs to produce more sebum).

      As for the bad smell, herbal water rinses can help with that. I’ve tried a few hair rinses, but out of all the ones I’ve used, rosemary left a nice pleasant smell.

  15. What hair coloring product did you and your sister use that did not strip the sebum? I have been doing the WOHW for a week and so far the sebum coating is progressing. I like to color my gray hair with permanent off black color every 4-6 month and would like to continue without stripping my sebum. Thanks for all the information you have provided to help me and others with the WOHW.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi aj! You are so welcome! We used Vidal Sassoon coloring system. Comes with the hair dye, developer, and the conditioning treatment. I’ve used this particular hair dye a few times, and it has never stripped my sister’s sebum. Hope this helps.

      • Did you follow all the instructions as given by the company including the conditioning treatment when coloring your hair? Since starting WOHW I have used nothing but water and just starting week 3 for me. I think full coverage of sebum is present which could just be the thinnest of layers. I am thinking there is a thicker layer of sebum coverage to develop over time before clarification is needed. Did you notice a thicker covering of sebum that is desired and beneficial over time allowing room to do treatments with adequate sebum remaining? I want to make sure there is a thick enough coating of sebum maintained before doing a banana deep treatment and later on coloring my hair. Thanks.

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hi aj! Absolutely. I followed the instruction as given by the company. You are absolutely correct. You will have a very light covering at first, and over a period of time the coverage will become thicker. It is absolutely best to wait for this to happen before you decided to color your hair; it will help you to retain a nice layer of your sebum, while still giving you the color you need. Now as for using the banana deep treatment on your hair, it should be safe to use even when you have a light layer of sebum (remember it can take 2-3 days after any treatment for your hair to bounce back to the feeling you’re use to). Hope this was helpful and didn’t come to late.

          • I mixed up a DC with the baby banana food as the base with added tsp of Greek yogurt, Natty Cupuacu conditioner, hydrolized Quinoa liquid protein, glycerine, molasses, powdered goats milk and 3 drops basil EO. I wet my hair and applied but was scared after the rinse out that the sebum was stripped. With the use of the shower head from Amazon to reduce chlorine and distilled water cold rinse (cold from refrigerator) with braided twists dipped in cup then poured over head; hair seems to be back totally after 2nd WOHW. Hair detangling best it has ever been with WOHW method. I still need to move slow but much better, detangling has been my biggest issue. Just started week 6 of WOHW, thanks so much! I did start consuming 2 tbs flaxseed oil the 2nd week of WOHW with at least a thin layer of full sebum coverage by 2nd-3rd week with tap water, have only used new shower head 4 times. I hope detangling gets even better, scared to take down twist. Thanks so much again.

          • Wateronlyhairwash

            Wow, that’s great. It can definitely take two to three days for the hair to feel normal after a cleanse. You really seem to be finding a comfortable routine on the water only hair washing method. You are so very welcome by the way; I’m glad I could help!

          • I retwist weekly now but unsure of having my hair out of twists, due to detangling issues my hair has been braided or twisted 99.99% of my almost 3 year unrelaxed hair journey. I can’t take 3-6 hrs detangling , so will see if I can move to wearing my hair down or just stay with twists/braids. Thanks.

        • I have watched most of your videos more than once. One of the videos did you say flaxseed oil may increases or decrease the grey hair? Or what affect is there on grey hair? Thanks

          • Wateronlyhairwash

            Hi aj. I don’t recall mentioning grey hair in my flaxseed vidio. I did discuss how the flaxseed helped me produce more sebum (it also thinned my sebum out). As for grey hair treatments, amla powder can help keep your hair dark as well as fermented rice water shampoo. I’m not sure how it would work on someone who already has grey hair though.

  16. Hello! Do you still use banana baby food as a deep conditioner? In one of your videos, you said it worked with sebum. Does it reduce it any? When do you use the banana deep conditioner?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Motherhood! Yes, I do still use the banana baby food as a deep conditioning treatment. It removes a light layer of sebum (it doesn’t strip and makes your hair super shiny). It is so gentle, it can be used weekly.

      • Would you use banana only to remove sebum? Like for your every 7 week sebum reduction.

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hi Anonymous. I would actually use something that’s a little strong in removing the excess sebum. If you have a light amount of sebum then the using banana baby food or ripe bananas will help remove a light layer (it will also add amazing shine to your hair). I usually choose my cactus fenugreek conditioner for this, although it often depends on my mood and what’s readily available to me at the time.:-)

      • Instead of the baby food what’s an alternative?

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hi blessed! You can also use aloe vera, cactus, fenugreek powder, these are very good alternatives for cleaning the excess sebum. Oil rinsing is another popular method too. These are only a few, but there are plenty natural food, plant base products to choose from. Hope this will help.

  17. Can you help me to know if deep condition my hair still is necessary if I do this method. And steamer if I will need it . Thank you. And I pray for your son to get better. God bless

  18. Sorry the condition question is already answered above. Thanks

  19. Have you ever tried bentonite clay to clean or clarify your hair to maintain appropriate amount of sebum? I also have Brahmi powder and a powder that is a combination of several different powders which I may try to clarify. I thought my ACV rinse (1:3 ratio) made with green tea, honey, aloe vera juice/gel and glycerine could work to clarify also. Thanks again.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi aj. I haven’t actually tried the bentonite clay while I’ve been on the water only hair washing method, but there are women who use this as a method of cleansing the excess sebum. I would caution you to follow the same reasoning for coloring your hair (make sure you have a thick layer of sebum before using the bentonite clay to ensure you don’t strip your sebum). You can also test it on a small section of hair first. The Brahmi powder and other herbal powders are also good at clarifying your hair as well as the mix combo you mentioned. Keep in mind that some of these powders will remove different amounts of your sebum, depending on their strength. Amla powder is good for when you have medium to large amounts of sebum coverage. Make sure which ever herbal powder you choose matches up with the amount of sebum coverage you have (everyone is different, so expect trial and error). If you have time check out my recent post about using commercial products. At the bottom I explain when to use each conditioner/shampoo, depending on the amount of sebum you currently have.

  20. Hi, started yesturday 04/8/15 I massaged my scalp first, Secondly, I soaked my hair w/water while massaging my scalp and moving the sebum down the strands, Thereafter, I clarified w/ACV & Proceeded to rinse. I looking forwarded to embark on this journey

  21. I just started the WOHW for about a month and I love it!. Im also using this method on my daughter she is 2. She has scalp eczema and since dong this I have seen little to know eczema and her hair is growing beautifully. I thank you so much for the info. I stumbled across your videos on youtube and have been hooked 😀

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Precious! Thank you so very much! I am so happy the water only hair washing method is working for you and your daughter. I hope your baby continues to see positive results. 🙂

  22. Hi! I currently live in Ghana West Africa and have been doing the WOHW since Jan 2015 and I want to use the baby food deep conditioner but the baby food products that are here all contain yogurt will this still be ok to use as a deep conditioner?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Mrs Johnson! Absolutely. The yogurt will help in not only adding shine, but will help to strengthen your hair (yogurt has protein in it).

  23. I have been doing the method for two weeks now and right now my hair is sticky and has a grey tinge to it. Does that mean I need to clarify? I didn’t think I would’ve needed to clarify so soon. What I do with my hair is GHE twice a week which usually falls on the day I don’t wash it so I rinse it the next morning, I wash it every one to two days. In the morning I rinse it with warm water to open the cuticles then I start scritiching, messaging, preening, and so on. After I follow with a cold water rinse then add castor oil to my ends. My hair has been in cornrows to make the whole process easier. Is there something I am doing wrong that has caused my hair to feel sticky and to have the grey tinge when wet? If there is, please tell me.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Annie! It doesn’t sound like you are doing anything wrong. Let me start off by suggesting that instead of using castor oil that maybe you could use a none humectant oil (this is a nice oil for your hair when there is moisture in the air, however when there isn’t any moisture in the air your hair can become drier) on your ends. Castor oil is also very stick and although you are adding the oil to you ends only, you may also be inadvertently spreading it to the rest of your hair.
      From the description you gave, that is probably not the issue though, but I would keep that in mind.

      I know it may seem like it’s to early to need to clarify, but keep in mind that some of us produce sebum faster than other and also the GHE method helps the sebum come in a lot faster. The grey tinge you see can be a result of excess sebum and or hard water build up from the minerals and chlorine in your water. If you aren’t already using a shower head filter, you may want to invest in one. Although shower head filters will not turn your hard water soft, it will drastically improve the amounts of minerals and chlorine in your water.

      It does sound like you need to clarify your hair to remove the excess sebum and possibly the minerals from your water. When your hair not only feels sticky when wet, but also when dry; paired with the grey tinge, it’s time to clarify.

      Since you are wearing your hair in cornrows, I think after your initial warm rinse that maybe rinsing cold distilled water may also help with the mineral deposits from your water as well. Soft water (distilled water) really does help cut through waxy sebum and minerals from hard water (at least this has been my experience).

  24. I also wanted to say that it’s also sticky when dry and my sebum is waxy.

  25. All I can say, thanks foremost your videos enticed me to try this method I thought what’s the point of looking for the best conditioners and shampoos when my scalp can condition my hair by producing this wonderful sebum and water can wash, I have been doing the water only for two months and I love it, certain that’s it for me, of course I condition my hair but I’ve always made my own har conditioner from scratch aloe some oils avocado ect. I’m in love and learning thank you.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      You are very welcome! Happy to hear you’re having a good experience with the water only hair washing method. 😉

  26. Hola WOW!

    First, I’d like to say that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

    I would love your advice on how to address what I think may be excessive sebum or dry hair/scalp. I’ve been doing WOW since November 2014 and it’s been going very well but I recently big chopped again and I’m dealing with either excessive sebum (although my hair doesn’t have that “ashy” look to it) or dry/scalp (but why would I have dry scalp on the WOW method?). I don’t think it’s my water. I’ve done a hard water test and we have whole-house filtration system. I’ve done multiple ACV rinses (at both 1:3 and 1:2 ratio…could I be making my rinses too strong?), and today I tried an oil rinse with sweet almond oil (but I didn’t leave it in long…about 10 minutes). Admittedly, I’ve not been as diligent about my daily scritching and at the moment, I am WOW my hair 1-3x/week. I am planning to do an herbal rinse with rosemary within the next few days to see if that helps. Oh, and I haven’t really conditioned my hair figuring I don’t need to do that with my very short TWA.

    Any advice you can offer would be so very helpful. Thank you so much!


    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Cassie! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been very stressed as of late and regret that I didn’t address your comment sooner…First I’d like to thank you for your prayers and well wishes for my son and family. He is home and recovering from the surgery. His doctor was able to remove the tumor entirely.
      So, first I like to say that if you have a filtration system in your home that is an absolute plus, however, if you do not have a softening system in your home you can not be sure you don’t have hard water (filtered water does not mean you have soft water). When your water is filter, some if not the majority of the minerals and or chlorine have been removed; in most cases unless “specified” that your system also removes the mineral deposits, you may not have soft water (You will have to use a specific test for that).
      Some people who are on the water only hair washing method will experience dry scalp when they are rinsing with water that is absolutely too hot and or rinsing too often; normally you wouldn’t have dry scalp on this method. Sometimes when we do too much to our hair it can act up…Try using the same method for your cleansing routine. Find a particular time period in which you clarify your hair ( I usually clarify every
      7 weeks). It is entirely possible that you’re making your rinses too strong and maybe too often. 1-3 times a week is fine, if your hair is okay with that, just remember that scritching, massaging and preening are very important to this regimen ( although you don’t have to do these steps everyday you do have to find your balance with these step…) If you do not have total sebum coverage, it is best to use coconut oil (or any natural oil) or banana baby food to cleanse your hair, so you do not strip the sebum you already have. Also, if you feel your have too much sebum production you may want to cut down on your rinsing or increase your daily maintenance…too much cleansing and or rinsing can cause excess sebum, and not enough daily maintenance can cause a build up of sebum ( it’s a balance…)

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Cassie! Sorry for the late reply. I’ve been very stressed as of late and regret that I didn’t address your comment sooner…First I’d like to thank you for your prayers and well wishes for my son and family. He is home and recovering from the surgery. His doctor was able to remove the tumor entirely.
      So, first I like to say that if you have a filtration system in your home that is an absolute plus, however, if you do not have a softening system in your home you can not be sure you don’t have hard water (filtered water does not mean you have soft water). When your water is filter, some if not the majority of the minerals and or chlorine have been removed; in most cases unless “specified” that your system also removes the mineral deposits, you may not have soft water (You will have to use a specific test for that).
      Some people who are on the water only hair washing method will experience dry scalp when they are rinsing with water that is absolutely too hot and or rinsing too often; normally you wouldn’t have dry scalp on this method. Sometimes when we do too much to our hair it can act up…Try using the same method for your cleansing routine. Find a particular time period in which you clarify your hair ( I usually clarify every
      7 weeks). It is entirely possible that you’re making your rinses too strong and maybe too often. 1-3 times a week is fine, if your hair is okay with that, just remember that scritching, massaging and preening are very important to this regimen ( although you don’t have to do these steps everyday you do have to find your balance with these step…) If you do not have total sebum coverage, it is best to use coconut oil (or any natural oil) or banana baby food to cleanse your hair, so you do not strip the sebum you already have. Also, if you feel your have too much sebum production you may want to cut down on your rinsing or increase your daily maintenance…too much cleansing and or rinsing can cause excess sebum, and not enough daily maintenance can cause a build up of sebum ( it’s a balance…). If you are not scritching and rinsing the existing sebum down the length of your hair, it will build up and cause flakes on the scalp and sometimes an oily residue. For the purposes of what I am talking about; my son has not been able to rinse his full head with water,( due to the incision from his surgery, so his head has been very oil and within days, he now has an abundance of dried sebum…not pretty!). Even though you have a twa, you still need to maintain your daily maintenance. My son had a large afro before his surgery, and now that he has a twa I can tell you that he needs plenty of maintenance, which is surprising to say the least…
      Hope this post made sense. Please let me know if I can help further.

  27. mdee1024@gmail.com

    Hi! Thank you so much for your videos. I will be using this method after I cut my hair soon; it will be very short. Any advice for those wanting to start their hair journey this way? Most of the people online already have long hair when they start this method. Btw my daughter began using this method accidentally and her hair has changed dramatically; shinier; hair growth just amazing!

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi! I would advise you to make sure you follow the basic maintenance for this regimen (massaging , scritching and rinsing. Since you will be cutting your hair soon, preening will not be as necessary depending on how short you cut your hair). My son had to have his hair shaved recently, and is now sporting very minimal hair…Even with the small amount of hair, I have found that he still needs almost daily maintenance to insure he doesn’t have a build up of dried sebum. So, make sure you rinse daily or every two to three days while on this method. Scritching will help insure you do not have any build up (which can also look like dandruff when dry). Because you are starting with shorter hair, you will not need to spend as much time on your hair. Preening at this point will not be necessary (your hair may not be long enough depending on how short you cut it). if your hair ends up being long enough for you to get a couple of fingers around the length, then you can preen…
      Although you may not find this extra step to be necessary, adding shea butter or any natural oil will be a pretty good supplement for possible dry ends…Also clarifying your hair (or cleansing, will only be necessary for so many weeks…Under normal circumstances I clarify my hair every 7 weeks) every so many weeks will be determined based off of how many weeks you’re able to go before you have too much excess sebum and or debris on your hair. Hope I answered your questions. I apologize for the late reply…

  28. Hello, hope all is well with you ! I have been on the method for 3 months now. Followed your advices, and Love it. I am using shea butter instead of oil as you suggested, to moisturize my ends, and my hair loves it.

    My only problem now is that I can’t stop getting that grey tinge I think you mentioned before. When I part my hair to do my flat twist out, my scalp is dry and never clear. I used ACV several times, and then condition with banana baby food once a week, but it does not seem to work.. Was wondering if you would have any advice on that for me ? (even before being on this method I have always had dry scalp).. Any treatment you could advise to get rid of this without removing my sebum, or just a little ? Thanks so much.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Deb! I hope this will still be helpful. Here is what you do: Just add a small amount of coconut oil to your scalp and the first few inches of your hair. Massage your scalp in a very gentle manner and preen only the first few inches of hair. Allow the coconut oil to sit for 10 mins, then rinse like you normally would. Using the coconut oil will remove the excess sebum, the mineral deposits from the water as well as the debris you may have on your hair and scalp. Do this when needed only, because you don’t want to actually strip your sebum. The reason I suggest using shea butter instead of using coconut oil, is because coconut oil can actually remove the sebum from your hair if you add too much of it (adding just the right amount will allow the coconut oil to mix with your sebum instead of removing it). I really hope this will be helpful. Also you can opt to make this your primary way of actually cleaning the excess sebum if you want. Give your hair up to three days after using the coconut oil (sometimes it can take a few days for your hair to feel like it normally does after this treatment).
      Depending on how thick and how much sebum you have, using apple cider vinegar may not work.

      • Hello. I am experiencing this same issue. I just tried using coconut oil, only used very little, but my hair doesn’t feel any better. Should I do this again tomorrow or should I try something different? My hair is so sticky and getting tangled :-/

  29. Just wanted to add that I use a filter in my shower.

  30. So I just started the WOHW method Sunday, and I’m starting to get nervous that I messed up
    I clarified with ACV, did the banana treatment and when I was done I applied two natural hair products (Tree Naturals Honey, Fruit & Flowers Hair Milk) and Curls Blue berry curly Jelly(didn’t have a water filter). The 2nd day I used Alikay Naturals Moisture hair parfait as a sealer with my home made distilled water with aloe vera joice as my moisture, which led to build up when it dried but my hair felt somewhat softer. I then rinsed my hair on the 3rd day using my new water filter shower head with hairveda Jardin conditioning oil, used a super soft BB brush mainly on my scalp, and put my hair up in twists. When I woke up this morning my roots felt super soft, but going further down my hair felt dry .

    Should I clarify again and start fresh? Rinse less or Rinse some more?
    Or a better question is, how long does it take for my hair to get used to this method and be soft + moisturized? I always had this problem of whenever I washed my hair, it would take a week for my hair to feel soft + moisturized, so I feel a bit down that this method didn’t fix that issue..

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi bbmoon. You will need start the method over. Unfortunately, from what you have described doesn’t fall in line with the water only hair washing method. Although you say you used two natural hair products, you also used Alikay Naturals hair parfait, and Hairveda Jardin conditioning oil. From my prospective I don’t know how natural any of those products are. I don’t know what kind of preservative have been used etc. When you begin this method you have to clarify your hair and then follow the four major steps to this method: massaging, scritching, preening, and finally rinsing. This method can be altered to fit your needs, however it really is important to stick with the basic routine until you have total sebum coverage. It is also okay to use a supplemental natural oil or butter on your ends when needed (coconut oil or shea butter are my recommendations based off of what I use from time to time). I do not use any commercial products on my hair. That doesn’t mean you can’t adjust the basic parameters of this method to suit your hair needs by using an all natural product, if it is indeed 100% NATURAL. One of the reasons you probably had build was the products that you used. Try for simplicity until you have this method down; then you can introduce other products that are natural or partially natural, if that works for you.
      Also, rinsing can be done daily or every other day. This will all depend on your hair needs; take it day by day. Here’s an updated Q&A:https://youtu.be/tvONPQTYtfY

  31. Since it took you 2-3 weeks before you saw sebum, what kept you from becoming discouraged in the process?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey Joanie! That was about the length of time it took me to see total sebum coverage. I believe within the first week I started seeing evidence of sebum. I think the fact that I was spending so much money on products and time on my hair kept me from feeling discouraged. I like thinking outside the box, going against what people say you should or shouldn’t do. As long as my hair wasn’t becoming damaged because of it, also kept me from becoming discouraged. I also wore my hair in a protective style and had a regimen. I basically made it very simple (my hair styles definitely weren’t always pretty), routine and all… Hope this helps.

  32. Hi WOW!

    I hope your son is doing much better now and all is well again for you.

    I am wondering whether you can offer me advice on WOHW journey. I started almost 3 months ago after doing a bc and so my hair was quite short.

    I was seeing good results up until the 4th week when I began to get an itchy, flaky dry scalp and my hair began to turn grey. During this time I was rinsing daily and finishing with a cool water mist with glycerine and citric acid (balanced at a pH of 6) to close and smooth the hair shaft. I would preen the hair every day also. I believe I had sebum present as my scalp felt very tacky when wet. But when my hair was dry it was rough and “dry” and it had began breaking.

    So I proceeded to do a GHE method to possibly get more moisture back in the strands. Once I began doing this and then rinsing the following morning hair became more dull and grey with lots of dandruffy residue on hair strands.

    I read some of your previous comments above which said that GHE produces sebum at a more rapid rate and so I decided to oil rinse with Olive Oil, which did help the greyness but my hair was still very dry and rough.

    After another 1-2 weeks of preening and scritching every day. I decided perhaps I needed to clarify again and I tried using vinegar. It did not help and hair had become very sticky even when dry.I waited a few days and I then tried to clarify using baking
    soda and shockingly that did not work either and made by greyness and dryness more apparent and increased breakage :(. I then used a herbal powder called Aritha powder which has worked for me in the past and you guessed it did not budge any of the dandruffy residue or sebum.

    Finally I gave up and used a commercial sulfate shampoo which was very harsh on my hair so I only lathered twice thinking that it would be enough. After rinsing the hair clean I found that my hair strands was rid of sebum but scalp (although after scrubbing it well) was still very sticky!!

    So now I tried to make do with this remaining sebum to re-cover my strands and I have gone back to rinsing and preening and scritching every day with warm water but it seems as if the sebum won’t budge. My scalp still gets very itchy every time I wet it and still feels very sticky but no matter how much I scritch and preen it this sebum doesn’t seem to want to distribute down the strands.

    And after my vinegar/baking soda/aritha powder failures to clarify my hair is very dry and coarse and breaking in an even worse condition than before I started!

    Sorry that this is a long message I wanted to outline everything if you could perhaps advise where I have been going wrong from what I can see no one else is experiencing these results. So any information will be extremely helpful.

    Thanks again!

  33. Since posting my previous questions, I have received full sebum coverage. All that I can say, is that God has provided everything our hair needs. It is amazing, how wonderful my hair feels and looks. I have now given away most of my products, and I don’t plan to go back, water only hair washing is for me. My friends and coworkers can’t believe how healthy and moisturized my hair looks.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey Joanie! That’s AMAZING, and I’m so happy that you’re having such positive results. 😉 It is pretty impressive how our bodies provide the moisturizer we need to moisturize our hair

  34. When using the WOHW method, is it necessary to seal in moisture along shaft of hair or just the ends?

  35. Can Terressentials be used to clarify hair prior to using WOHW method? Also the time of my 2 posts is actually 9:15a PST.

  36. How do you prevent dry ends and breakage before you achieve full sebum coverage. My hair is prone to severe dryness if I do not apply a moisturizer. I have been natural for 5 yrs and my hair is mid back length. I’m nervous about breakage but really want to try this method.

  37. I am interested in trying the water only method but I often keep my hair in a protective style (Havana twists or poetic justice braids), leaving it in for about 4 weeks then have my hair out for 2 weeks and repeat. Does my hair need to be “out” to do this method or will I get results while my hair is tucked away?

  38. Hello. First let me say that I really hope your son is doing better. I read on one of your responses that he is home. I pray that all is still well with him and he is making a full recovery.

    Now on to the hair life… My daughter and I have been natural for little over three now and we recently started the water only washing this year. I started on Mother’s Day and she started a few weeks after I did… I can honestly say that I absolutely love it… I don’t seem to have full coverage yet because I have had a few set back, but it beginning to look more promising… However, we do have some questions.

    #1. both of us have dyed our hair in the past. I dye mines simply because I am graying and I don’t like the gray. She dyed hers because she wanted a different color. I dyed mines close to it natural color which is black (1b). I only dye or touch-up my roots ever 3 to 6 months. Her natural color is close to a 2b or even lighter, but she dyed her hair somewhat lighter than that. More closer to reddish blond color. now she does like it and her hair always seems to be dry. She want to dye her hair natural black now. Now, please keep in mind that we dyed our hair long before we ever heard of the water only method. I accidently found your YouTube videos and thought that I would give this method a try because I was tied of purchasing products trying to find the right one that my hair would like. In any case, can we dye our hair again while we are on this method… if so, what type or brand of dye would you recommend.

    #2. My daughter wear her hair in twist most of the time, but I like to wear my hair out more often especially on weekend. However, I have been struggling with the humidity in the air… It blows my hair up so much. It made some flaxseed gel and try that to combat the humidity but quickly found out that it stripped my sebum. Is there any type of gels that I can use on my twist outs or braids out that would help with the humidity.

    Finally #3…. This is my last question for now…. How do I eliminate some of the frizz. When I wear my hair down, I am in frizz city… I do not like it… if you can give me any advise on that, I would greatly appreciate it.

  39. How do I keep twists in when hair is thin? Should I use Shea butter on my ends? Sebum is coming in slowly, but I found that letting it build up on hair for a few days has helped me avoid dryness. Women with straight hair have waited 4 or so days before washing to allow sebum to accumulate. Have been wearing ponytails for work, but would like to twist hair. Just don’t know how to keep twists in during washing. Thanks for your help.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey Michele! When you twist your hair put a bantu know on the ends of your hair, this will keep your ends together. I’m going to link a video that shows what I mean by adding a bantu knot to the ends:https://youtu.be/z_yAtFtUxqY
      You should absolutely use shea butter on your ends. After you rinse your twist, gather them together and put the ends in bantu knots. this will keep them from unraveling if that is an issue. You can remove them after your hair dries. Also, have you tried inverting your head to increase sebum production? It helps to invert your head while rinsing; the sebum settles at the nape, so bending your head forward will help bring the sebum to the front of your head. Sorry for the late reply!

  40. Also is Ecostyler Olive Oil bad for edges? If so, what can I use to flatten edges?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Michele. I think it depends on the individual. I use to use Ecostyler gel on my edges when I was on the curly girl method,I never had any issues with my edges. As for using ecostyler gel on the wohw method; I don’t use commercial products on my hair, so, I’m not sure if the gel would interfere with your sebum. Aloe vera gel is natural and very mild. I think aloe vera gel would work on your edges without stripping or interfering with your sebum. Maybe you could make a mix with aloe and shea butter…

  41. Hi. I just want to say “Thank you” for all of this info. I always noticed that people with straight hair (naturally) sometimes complain of oiliness. I would always think, “I WISH that were my issue!” Mine is so dry! The thing is, my skin is super oily and I complain about that. When I read about this method, I thought that maybe, since my face is so oily, maybe my scalp can produce oil/sebum the same way if I massage, scritch, preen and rinse as suggested. I just started the regimen 5 days ago. So far, my hair feels a bit wiry/crispy? It feels like that anyway for about a day or two after washing. It is fine, and does not seem to grow as I think it should, considering how well I treat it 🙁 Anyway, I can feel some sebum coming in, and I am following all the steps. My only tweek is that I am rinsing every other day. I still massage, scritch and preen daily. Although I do not feel as moist as I would like (yet), I notice that there is almost no shedding at all! This is what encourages me to be patient and wait for things to flow. I have a shower filter. I have always had one. I also notice that my hair holds a curl on the ends after I knot the ends. My hair is short. About 6 inches on top and in front, and about 1 inch in back and on the sides. I have a tapered cut. I have SO many products! Can I use any of them in the future, or should I remain product free? I know it is my choice, but your opinion is very valuable to me. I love your honesty, sharing, and positivity. I really like Original Moxie’s “Shape Shifter”. It is about the only styler that softens my hair. I also like Kimmaytube’s leave in. Right now I am product free, but I just want to know if using these after full sebum coverage will cuase any setbacks. I also henna about once a month. Please advise? Thanks!

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey natural7ly! I have been so busy, it’s been a little difficult keeping up with the comments, so sorry it took so long to get to yours. You aren’t doing anything wrong when you post. I’ve had to make sure to moderate my comment due to the influx of spam comments. I’m looking for a way to filter them out.

      I think it would be fine to henna once a month once you have total sebum coverage. Remember to follow the treatment with a conditioner. In my recent henna video I didn’t use a conditioner, but that was only because I had way more sebum than I needed and I felt adding a conditioner wasn’t needed. If you want to use products on your hair once you have total sebum coverage you can; make sure you choose products with mostly natural ingredients in them. You don’t want the product to strip your sebum away before you’re ready to cleanse your hair. Also, You will find that you will only need very little product. Whichever product you choose make sure it plays nice with your sebum. I am a big fan of Kimmaytube and her leave in conditioner. I think it may work well with your sebum; start off with adding a small amount to get a fill for how your hair and sebum responds to it. Even if you add product to your hair, remember you should still avoid adding those products to your scalp, and remember to scritch often so your sebum doesn’t dry on your scalp. Again, I do apologize for such a late reply! Almost forgot, are you also inverting your head while rinsing? If not, this will help encourage more sebum production.

      Was there a blog you wanted me to check out? I thought it was your blog, but maybe it was someone else who wanted me to check out their blog…

  42. So I’m looking into doing this but do I have to wear my hair in twists? My hair is just about ear length and I use clip ins to add volume and a little length.

  43. Can you please check out my blog and see if I am doing anything wrong? I been doing the WOHW since watching your blog. It is going on 7 months. I made a blog showing what I do and the advice I was giving the products I still use. I sometimes do the LOC method. I am reading over the comments on products I use Shea Moisture sometimes as a leave in conditioner for the LOC. Should I be starting over? I mainly use oils in my hair though and no shampoo. I even stayed away from the bentonite clay since it is too alkaline for the hair and can strip my sebum. If I am doing something wrong from my blog posts. Please let me know so I can let my readers know where I screwed up at. I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you

    My blog: https://itsnettybby.wordpress.com/

  44. I’m just wondering if you’ve ever thought of doing this regimen on a new born baby girl. I wouldn’t want to start scritching that soft scalp but have you heard or tried to hear if there’s anyone who’s introduces this regimen on a baby’s scalp?

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi GuguGirlGugz. I’ve actually never thought of trying this method on a new born. I would think their scalp would be too delicate for it; however, I haven’t heard of anyone trying this method on a new born though.

  45. Is it ok to use rhassoul clay to cleanse the hair? I was thinking about using the rhassoul deep conditioning cubes from Anita Grant’s site. It has natural butters, oils, msm, honey, cocoa powder, and banana.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Dee. I haven’t tried the rhassoul clay yet, but the ladies who are on this method have reported that it works nicely on their hair. In the near future I plan to use some of the more popular cleansers that are natural, so I can actually tell you what my experience is with that product. I would think rhassoul clay would be just fine, although I would suggest testing on a section of hair to see how you like it before committing to your entire head.

    • Hi Dee. I’ve never tried rhassoul clay, so I don’t know if it would strip your sebum. I would just test it on a small section of your hair before using it.

  46. Greetings, and before I get to the point I just want to thank you for being so kind to share all this good news (literally), it’s been long enough that I’ve felt like every advise given to work on my hair has failed and just sucks when you try everything an nothing seems to work all. So thank you, because this method works wonders.

    Now to my questions 🙂
    I’ve been doing the wash method for a week and 3 days and I’ve got my sebum going, it’s max, I mean my strands are super sticky/waxy and my question is you talked about clarifying as too not have too much, but my is only upon the strands and it’s made my scalp very very manageable, my Han glides right through, my hair is more stretchy and less painful when styling, so my question: WHERE is too much sebum not good? On the strands or scalp, because I’ve made sure that, that my scalp is not clugged so growth will still come through lol. I just want to know if it’s bad to leave sebum on the strands and when does it become too much, because I like the benefits of it on my strands. I hope I’ve been clear, if not, I am more than happy to clarify some things if any.

    Thanks, love.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hi Love! You were very clear and I thank you for it. Signs that you have too much sebum: Your hands become sticky with your sebum to the degree you’re able to see it on black fabric when you wipe your hands. You have a grey tinge to your roots that will not rinse away with water. Your hair becomes unmanageable. Your hair begins to break. These are all signs that you need to clarify your hair. Some people will find it necessary to clarify more often if they’re not using a shower head filter and they have hard water. You sound like you’re doing fine. If you feel like your hair is manageable and your scalp isn’t clogged, I’d say wait before you clarify. Take it day by day. Hope this will help.

  47. Hello,
    first in foremost I want to say I am praying for complete healing your son.
    I’ve been naturally for about three years and love this journey until now. it’s been a week since I decided to try WOHW method. At first I was loving it and now I’m frustrated. I decided to use Henna to die my grays and when I rinsed it out my hair is very hard and dry. My hair has always been dry due to medication from kidney transplant and 2 recent heart attacks and this past weeks bout with pneumonia. I want to know if you would be willing to skype or facetime to take a look at my hair to provide suggestions.

    • Wateronlyhairwash

      Hey Shelia Silver. Thank you for your prayers; he’s recovering well. I am so sorry to hear about your recent medical issues. I hope you’re recovering and doing better now. I’m not sure about skyping with you at this time. I’m a bit introverted and somewhat shy, so that would be a big thing for me. However, I can tell you that using henna on your hair before you have total sebum coverage has probably made your hair even drier. When you use henna on bare hair you must follow up with conditioning treatment to put the moisture back into your hair. It sounds like you may have to begin again in order to cover your hair with sebum.

      • Thank you for your response. When you suggest start over what does that actually entail? I usually use a conditioner in my henna mix but I followed your mix in your YouTube video. What conditioner would you recommend and I started applying coconut oil when I do my water washing.

        • Wateronlyhairwash

          Hi Shelia. The reason I didn’t follow up with a conditioning treatment, was because I had so much sebum on my hair I didn’t feel it was needed. However, when my hair doesn’t have an unusual amount of sebum on my hair I do follow up with banana baby food conditioner. I prefer using banana baby food as a conditioner; it’s very moisturizing and adds shine to the hair. As for starting over I just mean repeat the steps you used when you first begin the method. Have you seen my updated Q&A? In it I explain how I began the wohw method. Also, since your hair is very dry, I would condition and add a small amount of shea butter to most of my hair, avoiding the scalp. I don’t usually suggest adding any product of any kind to your hair as a leave in (unless you have total sebum coverage) but because your hair is very dry, and I believe you said it was breaking; the shea butter may be needed (or any other natural butter or oil you hair. A butter is preferable). I should have explain why I chose not to use a conditioner after my henna treatment (I’ll be more mindful in the future).

          It is very important to follow the step when you first begin the wohw method. In the beginning you should avoid adding product to your hair before you have had time to achieve total sebum coverage. Adding oils and other product to your hair and following up with a rinse will prevent you from recognizing your sebum and possibly remove the sebum you have. Adding product to the ends are fine, because they will be the last to become covered. Once you have sebum coverage you can add a small amount of oil or butter to your hair (avoid the scalp) if you like. It’s important to understand what your sebum feels and smells like, before you begin to dilute it with product. Knowing this will help you diagnose issues that may come up in the future. Hope this made sense. If not please don’t hesitate to ask any other question you may have.

  48. I think I’m doing something wrong when I try to post? My comments are not showing up. I am sending this one to test and see if it appears. Please bear with me. I love this site, and all the info I’m getting here…that’s why I keep trying.

  49. Wateronlyhairwash

    Hey Michele! I am still here, I’m actually trying to find your questions now.

  50. What increases sebum production? How can i stimulate the sebaceous gland to produce more sebum? I’ve been spritizing my scalp with filtered/purified/boiling water (its hot) and massage it in since I am doing my Hot Water Method. I heard hot water promotes sebum. I also do the greenhouse effect method, which supposedly produces more sebum.

    I have naturally medium – dry skin on my face, and since the scalp is apart of my skin, I was wondering how to increase the oil. thank you.

    • Hi Chanai. Here are some things you can do to increase your sebum production: Massaging your scalp regularly, ghe method, inverting your head during rinsing (can also be done outside of the shower), rinsing with warm warm/ hot water; not boiling hot water (making your water too hot will harm your scalp and hair and will not aid in producing more sebum), increasing your fat intake (healthy fat is preferable), fish oil, flaxseed oil, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, nuts, seeds, and an increase in your water intake (too much caffeine can dehydrate the body, making the need for increase water intake). I also tend to have dry skin on my face, however, since I’ve started cleaning my face with water only, I’ve noticed that my skin isn’t so dry anymore. There’s a healthy glow to it. Hope this helps.

  51. Hi, I am about 2weeks into this regimen. However, my hair feels very dry. I follow all of the steps: massaging, scritching, preening, rinsing and sealing my end with shea butter. I do not understand what I am doing
    Could you please help

    (I hope I explained clearly:()
    Thank you

    • Hi Emaan. Are you inverting your head under the water while rinsing? This can help you produce more sebum as well as bring the sebum that has settle at the back of your head to the rest of your head. Before I forget, (I usually forget to mention this) the ghe method will also help you produce more sebum. If you’ve followed everything I’ve outlined in my updated q & a, then I would suggest increasing your water intake, as well as increase your healthy fat intake: Omega 3 and 6 will help produce more oil (sebum). You can get this through your foods, and oils (flaxseed oil, fish oil etc.) I actually take about 2tbsp of flaxseed oil daily (when I remember to). It definitely helps. If taking supplements isn’t something you want to do, try flaxseed meal, chia seeds,(I put this in my shakes) nuts and seeds; they are also very helpful in producing more sebum. Hope this helps.

  52. Just saw your video on okra jell/conditioner that did not strip your sebum. Could you share the recipe on the okra conditioner? This is something that would be great for me to try. Thanks.

  53. Hello,
    I clarified my hair with clay mask using the Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay, then deep conditioned with coconut oil, thus beginning the WOW method. This is my first time doing so. Before, I used to shampoo and condition using ORS’ products. Anyway, I put my hair in two braids. The following day, I massaged and scritched for at least 5 minutes, but I did not preen. With my hair still in two braids, I rinsed with warm water, while massaging. I did not undo my braids, so I had to squeeze out the water out of them as best I could. I did the same thing Tuesday, but this time I had unbraided, put them in four twists, rinsed, then rebraided into two braids. I did the same again Wednesday. I skipped the rinsing Thursday because I did not want to oversaturate my hair with water, especially since Mon-Wed I rinsed, and my braids had not dried.

    • Today, I was about to massage when I noticed that my scalp is in white powder looking things and I feel as though my hair is dirty. I was wondering if I’m doing something wrong. Should I still continue? Does that mean my hair is rebalancing itself maybe? I’m really worried that it might be dandruff…

      Thank you so much by the way for all the info you provide. 😀
      God bless you!

      • Hi Sarah. I have a few questions: 1. How long has it been since you started the wohw method? It sounds like product build up. 2. Did you first clarify your hair? If the answer is yes, then it sounds like it could be dried sebum on your scalp. 3. Have you been scritching your scalp on a regular basis? Scritching is one of the most important steps of this method. If you allow several days to go by before scritching, the sebum can dry and prevent more sebum from coming through; essentially drowning your hair follicles, which can cause breaks and hair loss. Rinsing often will also help melt the sebum down the length of your hair; scritching and rinsing are like pair, when it comes to keeping your scalp clean. Hope this helps and makes sense.

  54. I’m sorry auto correct changed scritch to scratch. I did NOT scratch. Just to clarify.

  55. I do not know if my first question was posted so will try asking again. I saw your okra gel/conditioner video. Can you share the recipe of the okra recipe you used? I’m still on the WOHW for about 5 months which has helped me with detangling one of my biggest issues. Thanks for you never giving up, exploring WOHW and sharing.

  56. My question is HOW LONG should I rinse for?I have approx 10-12″ hair and I let my hair get saturated with water for 5 mins before massaging/scritching to hydrate/moisturise my hair strands. Then I massage and scritch. Just wondering how long is too long to rinse or pull the the sebum down the strands without losing any? Just wondering out loud and it might also help those who say they can’t feel any sebum after so many weeks of WOW. Especially if they are not using coconut oil. TIA and hope your son is fine. Prayers sent.

    • Hi Christine. There’s know specific time length in which you should rinse. You just want to remember to allow your hair to truly become saturated with water; also, be very careful when massaging your scalp while it’s wet (your hair can break easily if you’re not careful).

  57. I need some serious HELP! My hair is hard all the time except when wet. I started WOHW approx 3 months ago. After getting full coverage my Hair was VERY hard and crackly. I clarified with 1:4 acv/water. It seemed to have washed away all the sebum! My hair was harder than ever. Now I’m getting coverage again but my hair is hard w/no movement when it dries! I have a water filter and have been using distiller water for every other wash. I’m scared to clarify or condition for fear of having to start over. How can I strengthen/ soften my hair and not lose all sebum coverage. Thx

  58. I started the water only wash method few weeks ago but I was immediately discouraged after noticing a sticky substance on the upper part of my hair which left it stiff and sticky.. I didn’t know what it was and I thought I had some build up because of using aloe vera juice as my leave-in. My hair is shoulder length and I am guessing it is porous and damaged (broken crown and edges, snapping strands, many single strand knots) and it won’t grow past my shoulder for months now. I really want to implement an easy method to take care of my hair. I am so tired of commercial products that are too expensive and take time to reach me and sometimes once they do I discover that they do nothing to my hair. I want to start all over but I am wondering first, is this method good for someone with high porosity ? what about my damaged hair ? it seems like I need protein on a weekly basis (been using cherry lola caramel treatment without the baking soda) is this treatment acceptable?
    So my questions are as follows:
    1- Is it ok to rinse my hair every day due to it being high porosity ? or is it better to do it every other day?
    2- Will WOW method help my damaged hair ? or should I cut it all off and start all over?
    3- Is it ok to use aloe vera daily as a leave-in conditioner?
    4- Are aminos (liquid aminos) ok for this method and wont strip the sebum? So you have any suggestions how I can incorporate them into my regimen?
    5- Can I mix banana conditioner with liquid aminos?
    6- Is it possible to use some fragrance oils in my aloe vera spritz to make my hair smell good? I don’t like the neutral smell of hair and I would like it to smell good,
    7- Can we use an all natural detangling leave-in to make detangling easy? Something like irish moss conditioner (1pint of filtered water, 1 handful of dried Irish Moss,1tablespoon of Honey or Agave nectar 1tablespoon of Shea Butter, A little lemon juice)
    8- When should I start implementing deep conditioners into my regimen? Should I do it from the first week ?(hair is very damaged and I feel like I need the extra TLC) or should I wait till I get total sebum coverage?
    9- Is there anything that we could use to make our sebum more visible and oily? I hardy felt anything through my second week !
    10- can we use Rhassoul Clay every month to cleanse our scalp?

    Looking forward for your answer !

  59. Does glycerine contribubute to loss of sebum or is it okay to use on this regimen?

    • Hi Christine. I myself haven’t tried glycerin while on the wohw method; however, I do know someone who uses glycerin regularly and it doesn’t strip her sebum.

  60. Hello wateronlyhairwash! I’ve recently started WOW and it’s been almost 30 days but I still don’t see any sebum :-(. I do have some hair loss in the crown so now I’m wondering maybe I should wait to do the WOW until my crown gets better. What are your thoughts?

    • Hi Naturaltash. Are you sure you haven’t noticed any waxy or oily substance on your scalp or the first few inches of hair? If you don’t mind, can you layout your hair routine? I would like to better understand what may be happening; or at the very least give some helpful suggestion.

  61. Hello,

    I posted a comment a couple of weeks ago but it seems like it disappeared…should i rewrite it or did you receive it?….not sure what to do….thanks!

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